Teachers, A Web Series The Teachers

About the Series

A couple years ago The Katydids approached me about directing a pilot script they were working on. That project wasn’t ultimately a match for us, but the meetings were energizing and I left knowing that I wanted to collaborate with these ladies on something in the near future.

A few months later I happened upon a few online articles about teachers—studies that cited teaching as one of the most adulterous and most gossip-ridden professions—and yet also one of the most admired professions. I thought that was an interesting juxtaposition. And that led to the concept for TEACHERS: a show about the small and often wildly inappropriate conversations teachers have with each other in the course of their workday.

The Katydids loved the idea and we began working on the scripts in early 2012. Over the course of six months or so The Katydids generated scripts and we interviewed teachers and students alike.

On the strength of those scripts and the concept, Cap Gun Collective, a local Chicago production company, came onboard as a partner and helped us shoot the series at the end of July. So. Much. Fun.

We had a wonderful time working on this series together and we hope you enjoy the episodes!


Here are some links to people and companies that made TEACHERS possible!